Welcome dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to the virtual session "Post COVID - Consumer Trends in the Food and Beverage Sector". The effort is to bring together leaders and other representatives from the industry, public authorities, and professionals from different sectors to explore and discuss opportunities and strengths related to post COVID consumer trends, opportunities, and challenges we need to prepare for.

Saleh Lootah
UAE Food & Beverage Manufacturers Group



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Welcome Remarks

Saleh Lootah
UAE Food & Beverage Manufacturers Group


Opening Speech

H.E. Abdalla Sultan Saif Al Fan Al Shamsi
Asst Undersecretary for Control & Follow up Sector
Ministry of Economy, UAE


Predicting the Covid-19 Behavioral Reset

In addition to keeping us informed, the news media can often inspire quick, sometimes targeted, behaviour shifts, especially in times of crisis. But in today’s prolonged timeline of crisis, there are other factors driving consumer behaviour transformation.

Nielsen has identified four emerging patterns that can help predict the drivers of pandemic purchase decisions moving forward: a basket reset, a homebody reset, a rationale reset and affordability reset. Each behavioural switch includes a set of indicators that point to how purchase patterns are likely to pivot as markets experience rising or ongoing rates of COVID-19 transmission. Brands and retail will face unprecedented change. This session aims to provide some insights on which will compel a fundamental business recalibration in order to orient towards future recovery and reinvention:

• How will consumer behavior shift as markets experience fresh or ever-growing COVID-19 outbreaks?

• What are the recent food and beverage market trends?

• What factors will drive consumer behavior transformation moving forward?

• How can companies continue to meet new and emerging consumer needs?


Andrey Dvoychenkov
Managing Director
Nielsen Arabian Peninsula & Pakistan


Followed by panel discussion on below themes:

• What are the key shifts in consumer behavior post-pandemic and which of these are likely to stay?

• How do these trends impact the way Food business have been operating so far - in terms of what food items are chosen, how they are purchased and how they are consumed?

• What do these trends mean for product development and R&D?

• How well are UAE/GCC food players positioned to ride these trends?

• What are some “best practices” exhibited by food manufacturers to leverage these trends?

• What do these trends mean for product development and R&D?

• How do these trends influence our long term objectives of food security and sustainability?

• Are there areas where the food industry players can collaborate to come out stronger than before?


Tom Harvey
General Manager - Commercial
Spinneys Dubai LLC

Ahmed Belyouha
Emirates Macroni Factory

Yasmine Berbir
General Business Manager,
Nestlé UAE LLC

Andrey Dvoychenkov
Managing Director
Nielsen Arabian Peninsula & Pakistan

Dr Ahmed Tigani
Al Rawabi Dairy Co. LLC

Session Chairman:

Sumeet Mathur
Managing Director
Friesland Campina Middle East



Who will attend?

Food and beverage manufacturing CEOs
representing UAE and global brands

Government and industry

CEOs from supply chain, technology,
finance and leaders to the F&B sector

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